Matt Soful

As a lifelong Akron-area resident, I have to say, there is no place I would rather be than here, working with area businesses, volunteering to help the community, and raising my kids in the Midwest.

I come from a family of financial professionals following the footsteps of my grandfather and father. And what some may find as boring – financial strategies and working with numbers… well… can be.  But the way we tackle finance and accounting is much less of a left side, right side of the ledger approach and much more of a – how do we help your business grow, succeed and prosper. Because that is my passion – not numbers, accounting, or finance… but helping companies grow.

My credentials include working as a public accountant (local and Big 3 firms) for nearly 10 years and holding CFO positions for companies in a variety of company sizes and industries.  Where I thrive the most is in helping small and medium sized businesses, to drive profitability.

Unlike most bean counters (can someone explain the origin of that term for me), I am more a people person than mathematician. I love connecting people within my network to each other and have a tight relationship with several business partners. Be it through social media or good old fashioned face to face meetings, I am always keeping an eye out for where “my people” can help each other.

Mike Soful, CPA

With a stunning 40-year+ career as a certified public accountant. Mike has worked at Akron’s Lomax, Soful & Foster since 1972.  In September of 2012 they merged with Skoda Minotti where Mike retired from in 2016.  But his idea of retirement was simply to tackle an entirely new venture in a completely different industry.

He served in the U.S. Army as a counterintelligence special agent and served in Vietnam for one year with the 1st Air Cavalry Division. A trusted businessman and advisor to our clients, Mike’s experience is invaluable.

Currently, Mike is serving as a Board member of the Ronald McDonald House of Akron (RMHA), and a member of RMHA HR and Strategic Planning Committees.  He is also the treasurer of RMHA foundation. Thank you, Mike, for all your years of dedication and service!


Jeffrey Rozek

Jeffrey is a Northeast Ohio native growing up in North Royalton. He is a third year Accounting/Finance student at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree from the Williams College of Business at Xavier and is planning on obtaining his Master of Accountancy directly after completing his undergraduate studies. In addition to his pursuit of his undergraduate and masters’ degree, Jeffrey plans on earning his CPA license.

He currently serves as the Vice President of Professional Outreach for Accounting Society at Xavier where he seeks way to exploit community outreach opportunities and serves as the contact person for community, corporate, education, and professional group inquires regarding partnerships and collaboration.


Jennifer Tompkins, CPA

Jennifer brings a strong public accounting background to The Business Quarterback spending a decade with Price Waterhouse Coopers.  As an experienced accounting professional, Jennifer is working with our clients in all facets.  Jennifer is a proud mother of 4 children and is very active in her local school district.