The Business Quarterback is a coaching organization whose experience, talents and services create a powerful and effective partnership with our clients. As Certified Profit First Professionals, we are truly different than the rest as we continuously focus on driving profits in our client’s businesses leading them to achieve their goals and financial freedom.

Our “Why” (credit to author Simon Sinek) is our desire and passion to lead businesses to permanent profitability. Not just for the result of making money.  Although this is important, our commitment to our clients is much bigger than that.  It is to impact the 83% of Small Businesses today that operate check to check, or in other words “unprofitable”.  The pressures and stresses this brings to the health and well-being of entrepreneurs and business owners not only affects them, it affects their employees, their spouses, their children and so on.  In our hearts, we know our services dramatically affect the health and well-being of our clients which ultimately changes our society to be happier, healthier and more prosperous.

While working with our clients, our end goal is to identify why your business is not reaching its financial goals, how to change it and implement a plan to shift their current results. We help our clients reconnect to their goals.  The goals they dreamed about when the first went into business for themselves.  The goals that the daily grind of Entrepreneurship has pushed them away from.